Mobile Boutique

We are PROUD to be the FIRST Mobile Boutique in  Iowa!!

Member of the American Mobile Retail Association Midwest Branch since July 2013.

EXCITING NEWS.....We just sold our old Mobile Boutique and we're in the process of getting a new one!! We've learned so much in the past two years, now we're using that knowledge to provide you with an even better shopping experience. We hope to unveil the new Mobile Boutique soon!! In the meantime, you can always shop our accessories online or at Grey Elephant Boutique in Ames, IA.

Whatís a Mobile Boutique? 
A mobile boutique is literally a store on wheels. Our travel trailer has been set up to look just like a boutique but can stop and set up shop almost anywhere. 

Why a Mobile Boutique? 
Itís an inexpensive and easy way to start a business. I grew up in Boone & wanted to offer women unique clothing & accessories that they might normally have to drive long distances to find. I thought how cool it would be to open my own store, but I decided not to do a traditional brick-and-mortar location. They have very expensive overhead costs & all of these costs are passed down to the consumer. I wanted to keep expenses low so I could offer quality accessories & clothing at great prices. So this seemed more within my grasp. Also with the economy the way it is, you have to give people a unique way to buy while keeping the items affordable. Having the Mobile Boutique help me do this. 

What happens when winter comes?
Once it gets cold, we will put the mobile unit away, but don't worry, you can still shop at our boutique locations. When we decide to do this, we will post it on our website & on Facebook. And don't forget you can always order off the website.

Where do you set up the Mobile Boutique?
Wherever I can!! We have a few locations in Boone & Ames, but we are always looking for more, contact me if you have a place for us to set up.
Make sure to follow us on Facebook, we post all our updates & events there also.

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